Below are resources, quotes, and ideas that align with my interests and exemplify the kind of educator I hope to be.

Elise Gravel on Twitter: "Something positive for all kids out there who feel alone:… "

Margriet Ruurs |

In the past year, I have worked on multiple inquiry projects that involve diversity and inclusion. I want my future classrooms to be an empathetic place where everyone feels welcome, respected and celebrates each others similarities and differences.

“A good book is a mirror or a window to the rest of the world. They show children things that they may not experience themselves”

-Margriet Ruurs

Inquiry and project-based learning are educational approaches that I am extremely interested in and want to learn more about!

How Can Teachers Nurture Meaningful Student Agency? - MindShift

Outdoor Classroom at Prospect Lake Elementary

Outdoor and experiential learning is a pedagogical method that I believe is important and want to implement into my future teachings. I had the opportunity to work with a mentor teacher last term at Prospect Lake Elementary and here is their outdoor classroom space I was able to participate in. Bonus: there was a salmon spawning stream near by!!

Hot Lunches - Prospect Lake Elementary PAC

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Fred Roger’s Educators Neighborhood

SOGI 123

Adrienne Gear- Reading and Writing Power