It is the first day of reading break and it is a SNOW DAY!! I am taking this opportunity to blow off some much needed steam, relax and connect with my kids, and to pause and be grateful for what is happening in the present moment (snow, and a LOT of it).

How Does This Connect to Mindfulness?

Being mindful is not just about meditation techniques, yoga, and silence. Mindfulness is about connection: with ourselves and with others. Today’s snow day has me reflecting on the importance of pausing external forces and stressors that are going on in our lives and practicing living in the moment. For me today, that meant tobogganing and building a snowman (aka. George-pictured above) with my children.

Life has been very busy and having this opportunity to relax and unwind with the people I love has me feeling refreshed and present. I am hopeful to take the next couple of days to focus on myself and my family without stressing about deadlines and assignments. Allowing myself the space to connect (with people) and disconnect (from technology) feels really crucial for my mental health, and my  mindfulness practice.


An accurate representation of my day…
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash